NOTARYCHAIN is the world’s first blockchain-based notary platform to notarize and verify documents electronically and remotely. Built on top of enterprise grade blockchain technology, the platform offers enhanced security (tamperproof), speed, convenience, and instant verification of notarized documents. The private notary public will be able to sign-up on the platform and notarize documents remotely, safely, and in a timely manner.

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Notarize your documents from Anywhere

With the recent approval from the UAE cabinet on digital signatures and its application to notary services, we are proud to launch the world’s first notary public platform built on blockchain technology. The platform allows private notary public to verify and review documents submitted electronically for notarization and once verified notarize the documents digitally without the need of having the person present.

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Safe And Secure

NOTARYCHAIN is built on industry standard blockchain platform providing tamperproof notarization of documents. Additional security features are available on the document making it highly secure.

Secure Digital Signatures

Our platform uses digital signatures from UAE Pass providing a secure channel for signing documents electronically.

Single- Sign - on

Notary public and residents can sign on using their national Digital Identity – UAE Pass making it easy to login and access the notary application.

100% Remote Contactless Notarization

Using our platform, residents can get their documents notarized remotely without the need to go to a private notary office.

SMART Identity Verification

The platform uses AI to verify identities of parties – e.g. Emirates ID automatically.

Built-in Templates

The notary platform provides unlimited built-in templates for users to select and get notarized (e.g. Power of Attorney, Memorandum of Association, Contracts, Marriage Certificates, etc.)

Instant Notary Document Verification

Notarized documents from the NOTARYCHAIN platform can be searched and verified by entities and government organizations, instantly.

Built-in Video Conferencing

Using the platforms integrated video conferencing solution parties can interact with the notary public remotely from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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